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Over the years, we have proudly developed a specialized focus in working with several niche markets and have fine-tuned our craft to enable us to successfully accomplish each campaign. We recognize that every detail of every campaign for each client is important and we walk that talk every step of the way.


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Areas of service



Through the years, our team at ParkGate Fundraising has worked with a wide range of faith-based organizations such as churches, high schools, colleges, and nonprofits who are seeking to raise funds to further their mission, whatever it may be. If you are looking for fundraising support in your faith-based organization, we can help.


Arts & Cultural

In order to have a better understanding of ourselves, our neighbors and the world around us, it is important for us to challenge our perceptions, expand our minds and explore our creativity. By helping arts and cultural organizations receive the funding they deserve, we strive to help grow more well-rounded communities.


Human Services

Whether you are a nonprofit who supports veterans in-need or an arts organization seeking to grow within the community, chances are, at some point along your journey, you have needed additional funds. If you're here because you've reached a standstill in your journey, then you've come to the right place. 



From helping hospitals fund state-of-the-art research to assisting medical foundations in getting one step closer to a breakthrough, our team at ParkGate Fundraising works to ensure your organization has the resources it needs to help improve the quality of life for individuals across the country and around the world.



Educational organizations, both big and small, are a vital asset in any community. Unfortunately, oftentimes it's these types of organizations that are dealt the short-end of the budget. At ParkGate Fundraising, our team helps you find the funding and resources you need to better serve your students and your community.

Latest News from the Community

ParkGate Fundraising has successfully raised nearly $2 billion for nonprofit organizations around the world.



“ParkGate helped our school with two capital campaigns and for our Centennial Celebration. They utilized a very personal approach that resulted in exceptional commitments and a high rate of participation. More important than the money raised was the way we united as a community. We look forward to achieving the same results on our current campaign!”


St. Peter's Boys High School
Staten Island, New York


“Jewish Renaissance Foundation has worked with ParkGate as our business partner on strategic planning and major-gift fundraising initiatives with our partner agencies and supporters. The ParkGate team provided high quality services and helped us achieve incredible results. I am proud to endorse the company and their services.”

ALan Goldsmith

President & Founder,
Jewish Renaissance Foundation
Jewish Renaissance Medical Center             
Perth Amboy, New Jersey



"Our team at TRIO has partnered with ParkGate on several campaigns and we have been consistently impressed with their dedication to their clients. Every single detail is considered and each client project is handled with professionalism and a true desire to accomplish what has been set out to achieve."

Jessica Munday

Trio Solutions Inc. (TRIO)
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina